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After the Carnag incident is finished, a messenger named Joe MacFarland arrives to tell Mira that she needs to go to Elloweer to help her sister Honor, who is in distress. Until he has a clearer path to finding his friends, he decides to stick with Mira and continue to aid her.

A Sky Raider says that the Maker protects fools and children. This may or may not be a reference to the one, true God. Shapers are people who can alter reality with magic, giving objects new qualities. Numerous monsters and enchanted objects appear throughout the story.

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The slavers are cruel adults who kidnap children and treat them harshly in the hopes of selling them for profit. Instead of attempting to save his own life, Durny uses his last minutes alive to build a skycraft that will save Mira and Cole. Grand Shaper Declan offers Mira good advice and provides her and her companions with objects to aid their quest. Cole stabs a cyclops monster in the eye with his sword. He shoots a legionnaire in the thigh with an arrow, and a Sky Raider dies from arrow wounds. Get free discussion questions for this book and others, at FocusOnTheFamily.

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Other Belief Systems Shapers are people who can alter reality with magic, giving objects new qualities. Authority Roles The slavers are cruel adults who kidnap children and treat them harshly in the hopes of selling them for profit. Credits Rating.

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Readability Age Range 8 to Genre Adventure Fantasy. Author Brandon Mull. Record Label. On Video. Year Published There's already a building for hunting grounds which gives commerce, pelts and food. Though maybe it could be integrated into the agriculture tree instead of being a unique ressource? Another idea I had was 'royal knightly order technology' for order of the garter type organisations that could lower recruitment time or cost for knightly units or maybe increasing morale or experience.

Blast furnaces appeared in Europe in the 13th century I believe, which produced better quality and quantity iron. Eyeglasses are mentioned by Francis Bacon in 13th century which were pretty important for allowing academics to have far longer careers another research boost? Spinning wheel is the same period, increase in agricultural output? The devices were fitted directly to the vehicle's axle respectively to the shafts turning the paddle wheels' - siege tech Astronomical compass - increase naval movement speed Paper - more efficient tax system? I dunno Anyway some ideas for 'technology' type research, I will think about 'philosophy' and 'policy' type stuff too.

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Compass would already be invented. Nocturnal possibly 12thth century? Last edited by Slytacular; September 08, at PM. Last edited by zsimmortal; September 08, at PM. Originally Posted by tomySVK.

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Originally Posted by Visarion. I'm used to having work threads in the dev subforums. Anyway this is a reediting of the previous posts choosing only original sources, namely Othodox church paintings and icons preserving the Byzantine art, style and iconography.

From generation to generation depictions were copied or redone but the original Byzantine gear was preserved in paintings only being replaced with western gear in isolated locations and cases. Again sorry for beign so annoying only that I think some info has been left out, from my point of view, especially the circular armor later copied by the Ottomans for their Sipahi should be introduced as it was a identification mark.

Last edited by Visarion; October 09, at AM. I really appreciate you adjusting that. Also thanks for avoiding using Osprey pics, however useful they might be they aren't allowed on TWC. All times are GMT Although women were on a lower social tier than men according to Confucian ethics , they enjoyed many social and legal privileges and wielded considerable power at home and in their own small businesses. As Song society became more and more prosperous and parents on the bride's side of the family provided larger dowries for her marriage, women naturally gained many new legal rights in ownership of property.

Religion in China during this period had a great effect on people's lives, beliefs, and daily activities, and Chinese literature on spirituality was popular. Tansen Sen asserts that more Buddhist monks from India travelled to China during the Song than in the previous Tang dynasty — The populace engaged in a vibrant social and domestic life, enjoying such public festivals as the Lantern Festival and the Qingming Festival.

There were entertainment quarters in the cities providing a constant array of amusements. There were puppeteers, acrobats, theatre actors, sword swallowers, snake charmers, storytellers , singers and musicians, prostitutes, and places to relax, including tea houses, restaurants, and organized banquets. During this period greater emphasis was laid upon the civil service system of recruiting officials; this was based upon degrees acquired through competitive examinations , in an effort to select the most capable individuals for governance.

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Selecting men for office through proven merit was an ancient idea in China. The civil service system became institutionalized on a small scale during the Sui and Tang dynasties, but by the Song period it became virtually the only means for drafting officials into the government.

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Hymes criticized this model, stating that it places too much emphasis on the role of the nuclear family and considers only three paternal ascendants of exam candidates while ignoring the demographic reality of Song China, the significant proportion of males in each generation that had no surviving sons, and the role of the extended family. Yet Su was a product of his times, as the identity, habits, and attitudes of the scholar-official had become less aristocratic and more bureaucratic with the transition of the periods from Tang to Song.

Due to Song's enormous population growth and the body of its appointed scholar-officials being accepted in limited numbers about 20, active officials during the Song period , the larger scholarly gentry class would now take over grassroots affairs on the vast local level. The gentry distinguished themselves in society through their intellectual and antiquarian pursuits, [87] [88] [89] while the homes of prominent landholders attracted a variety of courtiers , including artisans, artists, educational tutors, and entertainers. The Song judicial system retained most of the legal code of the earlier Tang dynasty, the basis of traditional Chinese law up until the modern era.

Song judges specified the guilty person or party in a criminal act and meted out punishments accordingly, often in the form of caning. Shen Kuo's Dream Pool Essays argued against traditional Chinese beliefs in anatomy such as his argument for two throat valves instead of three ; this perhaps spurred the interest in the performance of post-mortem autopsies in China during the 12th century. The Song military was chiefly organized to ensure that the army could not threaten Imperial control, often at the expense of effectiveness in war.

Northern Song's Military Council operated under a Chancellor, who had no control over the imperial army. The imperial army was divided among three marshals, each independently responsible to the Emperor. Since the Emperor rarely led campaigns personally, Song forces lacked unity of command.

Although the scholar-officials viewed military soldiers as lower members in the hierarchic social order, [] a person could gain status and prestige in society by becoming a high-ranking military officer with a record of victorious battles. Military strategy and military training were treated as sciences that could be studied and perfected; soldiers were tested in their skills of using weaponry and in their athletic ability. The Song navy was of great importance during the consolidation of the empire in the 10th century; during the war against the Southern Tang state the Song navy employed tactics such as defending large floating pontoon bridges across the Yangtze River in order to secure movements of troops and supplies.

In a battle on January 23, , massive arrow fire from Song dynasty crossbowmen decimated the war elephant corps of the Southern Han army. There was a total of military treatises written during the Song period, as listed by the history text of the Song Shi compiled in It was the first known book to have listed formulas for gunpowder; [] it gave appropriate formulas for use in several different kinds of gunpowder bombs.

The visual arts during the Song dynasty were heightened by new developments such as advances in landscape and portrait painting.