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As well as the expected butterfly portraits there are images of butterflies in flight, amazing close ups of anatomical details such as wing scales, a delightful sequence depicting a caterpillar hatching from it's egg; and marvellous shots of bizarre looking caterpillars, chrysalises and adult butterflies and moths. An amazing image of the world's smallest moth Ectoedemia groskchei wingspan 0. The captions accompanying the photographs are brief but rather better than the verse in first half of the book, which in the reviewers opinion is the only weakness. It would have been far better to produce a 5 or 6 page introduction covering the life and migration of the Monarch, written in a more factual and detailed manner; and for each of the Monarch images to have been accompanied by interesting captions in the style adopted in the second half.

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Despite any shortcomings in the text this remains a marvellous book, which will appeal immensely to any butterfly or nature photographer in search of inspiration. It will also have considerable appeal to anyone with a more general interest in the natural world, and is more than worthy of a place on any bookshelf. Highly recommended and superb value. Monarchs basking as they awaken from hibernation in the fir forests in Mexico, where millions of Monarchs gather to over-winter. This huge and spectacular wild silkmoth has 5" tails on the hindwings.

The detail in the original photograph is quite amazing. Photograph from Nomads of the Wind, copyright Ingo Arndt. About me Contact me Butterfly study holidays Trip reports Butterfly diary - latest sightings Frequently asked questions Test your knowledge Strange but true! Monarch Danaus plexippus. Madagascan Comet moth Argema mittrei. About me. Contact me. Butterfly study holidays. Trip reports. Butterfly diary - latest sightings. Frequently asked questions. Test your knowledge. Strange but true! Where to find butterflies.

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Enemies of butterflies. Survival strategies. Habitats - UK. Habitats - Tropical rainforests. I doubt there has been any study to verify this but they sure do take off to the trees like they know what they are doing. They would delight in watching the butterflies fly away. It would be something they otherwise would never get to see and they would really enjoy this.

They could possibly watch from a window of their home. I think this would be something that would certainly brighten their day. A daycare would also be another suggestion.

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Thanks for your very informative website. I have learned so much. This is my first year to attempt raising butterflies. So far I have been successful and if the remaining chrysalides and cats I have left are successful as well, I will have released 3 black swallowtails and 18 monarchs. My husband and I were very lucky one year and came across hundreds and hundreds of monarchs resting in the timber one evening during their migration time. They apparently had stopped to rest for the night. Words cannot describe how pretty it was!

I have several butterflies hatching here in GA. We are under a hurricane watch. Tomorrow the rain and stronger winds are expected. We were observing them in my classroom but school has been canceled so I bought all of the tents home. Hi Wanda, in extreme weather instances, I would advise waiting for the storm to pass before release…. This is my second year raising monarchs. Last year was a learning year, NO success. This year, I released 14 monarchs. I found ALL of my cats on tropical milkweed.

I also have common and butterfly weed, but did not find any cats on either of them. It is a little late, but from what I read, she may still make the migration. Thank you for this website and all of the information you offer. I have one monarch that hatched sometime during the day today.

The forecast tomorrow includes scattered showers with temps around Should I try to release it tomorrow morning? It would be around 7 am before I go to work. Would it have enough time to get strong and safe before possibly getting stuck in a hurricane? Hi Laine, I would release tomorrow if possible…your monarch will have plenty of time to get situated before the storm. Congrats and good luck! They are inside near large open windows and are under screens. Some are moving around quite a bit and spreading their wings and seeming ready to move.

There will be no sun today or tomorrow. Temps in the mids to 70 today, showers this afternoon and probable heavy rain and wind tonight.

Flight of the Butterflies - Riding the Wind (HD)

Probable heavy rain and wind tomorrow. Sunday will be clear with temps up to low 70s but with high winds mph. Should I keep them inside today and tomorrow and feed them if possible, then wait for better but very windy weather on Sunday for release? Thanks for your excellent site and info. Hi Paul, either way should be fine as long as they have a few hours to feed and find safety from the storm. Windy is not an issue if their wings are dry.

We have 18 monarchs hatching today and the tags should be delivered in the mail today.

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Can I keep from releasing until tomorrow for a tagged release? I have a butter that eclosed the day before yesterday. I noticed that his proboscis had not come together as it should have. Is there anything I can do to help it, or is euthanasia the best option now?

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Hi Nan, typically they fuse the proboscis quickly. Our first Monarch hatched from the chrysalis this morning. Fortunately for us my hubby was home sick today. We live in NE Iowa and the temperature is right at 70 degrees with a sunny sky. This was our first attempt with raising a monarch and we came upon him by accident when we found him on our milkweed plants that were almost done for the season. This was such a cool experience and we plan to raise more Monarchs next year. Thanks for all the great information on this website.

Yesterday i found a monarch sitting in the most peculiar spot. Im from new york so it was a wet cold day. She wasnt flying and when i tried to move her from this strange place she landed on me. She wasnt flying well more like falling with style so i brought her inside to warm her up a bit. I fed her a 10 teaspoon 1 teaspoon mixture sugar water i saw her drink once…i was planning on setting her free this morning but when i brought her outside she didnt fly off just acting funny ao i brought her back in.

Is my butterfly sick or dieing and does she want to migrate for the winter. She seems like to be pretty comfortable with me, but i want her to migrate if she is a 4th generation. If you found her outside, she may be reaching the end of her lifespan.