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Why is Indonesian food so delicious?

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Their very hot sambal is epic. Keep on going your great blog Mark!

This is a fabulous guide to the best dishes of Indonesia. The photos are mouthwateringly superb. The descriptions are informative and helpful. Thanks so much Mark! Hi Mark, Love your blog and street food videos. If you visit Bali, come to babi guling suckling pig Ibu Oka Ubud. It is so damn good. If you ever come to Indonesia again, I would tell you some indonesian dishes that you have not tried yet a food lover here.

Thanks for this great guide, Mark. Hey Mark! And for Nasi liwet in Jakarta, i recomend you next time try some at ikan bakar cianjur, they have a few restaurant but the most popular is at jalan batu tulis, pecenongan. Hello Mark, have you ever tried garang asem? Thank you for making such a great guide of Indonesian Food as an Indonesian, i am proud when reading your guide Indonesia has so many various food, but i got to say this 50 food are well known. Eaten with special sauce made of Vinegar.

Indonesian Food: 50 Dishes

Come again to Indonesia, there are so many food that you have not try, Mark. I Love your culinary vlog, especially at Indonesia. I hope i can accompany you sometime when you come again here. Oh, i also love pork and spicy food. Either from the hygiene especially street food or the spiciness. After having lived in Jakarta and travelled in Indonesia for 10 years. I would say there is something for everyone there. I love the smoked fish from Sulawesi coated with chilis. It is impossible to pick anyone thing, but simple fried tempe with Saur asem and ikan asin teri usually always satisfies.

I agree with you Mark, manado food taste amazing. The authentic foods here where I live, taste so sweet and I hate those. Manado foods has extraordinary spiciness and powerfull flavour because the amount of spices that sometimes takes more than a half of the whole dish ingredients. Rintek wuuk RW : a dog meat dish with lemon basil, galangal, ginger, spring onion, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, shallot, garlic, and chilli padi almost all Manadonese dish uses chilli padi an endemic chili from manado, smaller and spicier than cabai rawit.

Paniki: fruit bat cooked with coconut milk and spices.

Indonesian Food: 50 of the Best Dishes You Should Eat

Hi Aryo, this is amazing, thank you for taking the time to share all about Manado food, and some of the other dishes that I need to try. I would truly love to visit Manado in the future. Hi Adam, thank you very much for your support and encouraging words. We had an amazing time in Indonesia! You should also try Indonesian cuisine that originated from Kalimantan. I wait for you in Kalimantan …. Hi Rano, thank you very much and appreciate your invitation.

As one of Indonesian and a foodie, this list is legit! Thanks Mark….! There are many more to explore in Indonesia. I really enjoy your videos! Have a nice day and im always waiting for your upcoming videos! Cheers x. Hi Mark, I am an instant fan of you. Soonest I saw one of your Video Blog in Youtube saw it in my friends Facebook wall I was instantly hooked up not just because you are in Jakarta currently.

I think you cover Indonesian food in Jakarta with flying colors and I love it, thank you for your deep appreciation and love for our foods.

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  4. Until when will you be in Jakarta??? I know at the moment is our Islam Holy Month of Ramadhan. You will realize that we; Indonesian Muslim, will have a feast to celebrate that once a year special Religius occasion and perhaps we will serve foods that might be only prepare and serve only once a year for that special celebration ofcourse after you fast for a Month straight, celebrating with fantastic food is one of the best way to end our holy month. But perhaps the only way you can peek and taste that feast is by getting invitation from any Muslim family who will celebrate it among millions of muslim families throughout Indonesia.

    If you are interested please do let me know, I might be able to arrange you and your wife to visit my families Aid ul Fitr feast celebration my family side and my wife side, both of them have their own unique and different food to cook, since me and my wife have different ethnic background, and both are amazing…hahahahaha. As a half Indonesian, I find it great to see other people enjoying the delicious food of Indonesia!

    I do have to say though, you should have visited Jogyakarta! The food is not only way cheaper there, but the local dishes made alongside the road are so fresh and mouth watering! You should come to Solo at Central Java.. My hometown.. Where the heaven of delicious food are served there.. I know the same could be mentioned about Padang , however there are three main reasons why:. Second, u seem to prefer more of spicy, sour salty food and not sweet except for dessert of course , then Manado is the place. Again since u like Woku: fyi there are many variations of Woku , it can be stew , grilled, steamed within banana leaf Pepes or smoked-steamed within bamboo branch, applied toward meat from seafood to poutry then pork and event extreme type of meat.

    I really love the way you explain the food and to see you eat is always make me hungry. Thank you for visiting Jakarta! I recommend you to try Gudeg in my hometown, Yogyakarta. Its originally from Jogja and Solo, so you shud try here. And you can try the best Nasi Liwet in Solo also. I bet you will love it! Hi mark…if killing people is legal. I would like to kill you..

    I live in usa right now, half way round the world from indonesia. Cant wait for your next trip. Bandung is such a comfort city! You can find it allover in the main road. This is a very good article, so many dishes! I am not a big fan of the fish but the beefrib soup looks amazingly delicious to me! I surely have to go and try a lot of them!

    Cooking steak indoors? Embrace the reverse sear

    Hi Mark, loved your Youtube videos on Indonesian food! I love watching your videos. Oh wow I stumbled upon your videos on youtube and it somehow got me here haha.. Keep up the good work, definitely looking forward to your next videos. And you should come to Surabaya, I live in Surabaya, try the street foods for they best describe the true identity of the local cuisines.

    We have a wide range of street style bebek goreng options here. We have plenty. You have to try each and every one of them. Hi Dian, haha, awesome to hear that, it has to be one of the creamiest things ever.