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He wants a nice, safe future, not one filled with caring and worrying about another impulsive woman. No way could he cope with another devastating loss.

His heart must remain closed where Tessa is concerned. But God has His own plans Mattie's Meltaways:Mattie Spencer has spent the last decade raising her three younger sisters and grooming Sweet Treats Bakery into a thriving business.

Over the years, she's watched her sisters grow into beautiful women and find the men of their dreams. Now it's her turn, but, at thirty-five, she feels too old to dream of a husband and children of her own. Tyler Jacobs, a firefighter in the small town of Mount Ridge, keeps busy raising his seven-year-old daughter.

The death of his wife three years ago still haunts him, but his morning stops into Sweet Treats, along with a dose of conversation and a handful of Mattie's delicious mint meltaways, kindle a desire he thought was extinguished forever. About Tessa Cake Tessa and friends have opened a fun bakery! Part of the ongoing Tessa series.

Study the customers order then use your mouse to click on the options and recreate it perfectly. Timed Desert Service Tessa. Help our cute little minion with baking a banana cake! Aloha Cake Decor. Aloha, and welcome to the gorgeous islands of Hawaii! Your family has traveled to Hawaii to celebrate your sister's graduation, so you've decided to decorate a gorgeous aloha cake to surprise her Kite Cake.

You and your family are going away for the summer. It's been a couple of years since you've been to the beach, so you can wait to swim in the ocean, work on your tan, and fly kites.

Chocolate marshmallow tea cakes

But there is Cook Cake with Nuts. Let's bake some delicious cake with nuts in this lovely cooking game! Candy Cake. Let's bake some delicious candy cake in this awesome cooking game! Carrot Cake. Are you ready to cook and taste something absolutely yummy? It's a carrot season, and we have to take full advantage of it.

Sweet Treats Bakery: 4-in-1 Anthology - eBook: Mary Manners: -

So, today we are going to make a delicious carrot cake! It has sweet carr Chick Cake Pops. Do you want to make chicken cake pops? Well in this game you can. Mix the ingredients as you wish and create the most delicious chick cake pops! Turkey Cake Pops. Mmm, it's time for Thanksgiving! Let's make some delicious cake pops! Apple Bundt Cake. I had a dream that I was bitten by the sugar bug! When I woke up, I had the biggest craving for cake!

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Luckily, my birthday was coming up, so I snuck into the kitchen and scooped off myself a chun Cream Cake. Cake is a delicious dessert that is perfect for any occasion. Today you're going to learn a special recipe for a delicious cream cake for your mother's birthday. This recipe has been in your fami Almond Coconut Cake. Every weekend, you visit your grandmother so that she can teach you secret family recipes.

Tessa's Teacakes

This weekend, she wants to teach you a recipe for her favorite dessert, almond coconut cake. This delici Black Forest Cake. Butter the other two sides. In a bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, and salt. Set aside. In another bowl, cream the butter and sugar with an electric mixer. Add the ground almonds and St. Germain and stir to blend. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating until smooth. On low speed, add the dry ingredients.

Spoon the batter into the prepared pan. Bake for about 40 to 45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean. Let cool.

Inspired by Your Shopping History

Unmold onto a wire rack and let cool completely. With a brush, remove any excess sugar. Cover the top of the cooled cake with the almond paste. With a sharp knife, cut around the cake to even out the almond paste. Cut the cake into 16 squares. Place on a wire rack over a baking sheet. For the St. Grermaine Frosting: To make the frosting, whip the butter this is easiest done with an electric mixer on medium high speed. Add until all of the sugar if mixed in, then add the vanilla, milk, and elderflower liqueur. For the Rosewater Glaze: In a bowl, combine all the ingredients with an electric mixer until smooth.

Add water, if needed.